Carrot Munchies

Carrot Munchies is a savory sweet treat that’s quick n’ easy to make and can be enjoyed as a snack or side dish.

Hear My Heart Beet Bread

With this bread, hear my heart beet Brought to you by me, The greatest of all foodies. This is the recipe To sweep you off ya feet. This bread phenomenal, Galactical, fantastical, Got you feelin quizzical, How could it taste so sweet? When it’s made from beets? The secret’s down below, For you I’m happy…

Pumpkin Funkin Waffles

Pumpkins, pears, squashes, oh my! What’s a girl gotta do to get a piece of that apple pie? The seasons changing, closet’s rearranging, let the cool breeze brush against your skin, and allow the warm cinnamon spices to sink in. Red, brown, orange, yellow. Farewell summer, and to you dear Autumn, hello!

Bomb Barz

These granola bars are the BOMB.COM

Homemade Hummus

Come live on the wild side and savor this smooth and spicy dip of the Middle East